Club Dress Code

The Club's dress code is designed to ensure that Members and their guests are attired in a manner consistent with Club traditions and suitable to the surroundings of the Club. Inappropriate attire may result in that person being denied access to the Club.

The following requirements are applicable to Members and their guests at all times:

    (A) General

  • Gentleman wearing Kurta- Pyjama, Salwar/Lungi/Dhoti and Cap will not be permitted to enter the club premises. However, if Kurta-Pyjama or Salwar Kameej is worn with achken or Jacket, same will be allowed.
  • Bush Shirt/T-Shirt with trousers is allowed but shirts tucked out of trousers, t-Shirt without Collar, Round and V-Neck T-Shirts, Shorts & Bermudas are not allowed.
  • Hawai Chappals/ Slippers are not allowed.
  • Sikh gentleman wearing Patkas except dependants are not allowed.
  • Wearing lohi and blankets are not allowed in the club premises.
  • Gentleman in sports wear will be required to change the dress before entering the Club premises.
  • For non-compliance of dress rules, the secretary may, in addition, ask the defaulter to withdraw from the Club and impose the penalty of Rs.500/- in first instance and Rs.1000/- for subsequent violations.

    (B) In Summers

  • Full sleeve/half sleeve shirts with necktie tucked in trousers for members using air-conditioned public rooms like Bar, Dining Hall, Card rooms etc..
  • Safari Suits.
  • Kurta-Pyjama, Salwar Kameej with Jacket.

    (C) In Winters

  • Lounge suit/Jodhpuri Coat, any dark jacket with trousers would be essential.
  • In case pullover is worn, necktie/scarf would be necessary. These rules will apply to member’s guests and members from Affiliated Clubs also.